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What are Online Shopping Statistics due to Covid-19

The factors that lead to this decision can depend on things like the amount of time you spend and where you will get the best value, but the decision ultimately returns to rest. Blame Amazon Prime, but consumers are now demanding faster access to the products and services they want. I can attest to this myself. For many of us, this trend has shifted our focus to online shopping. There are several advantages to this option:

You don't have to leave your bed,

You can choose to delivery the next day,

You have access to more product information

You may have a more personalized shopping experience.


To put these statistics in perspective, the world's best online markets sold $ 1.66 trillion in 2018. Market websites such as those run by Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay accounted for more than 50 percent of global web sales in 2018. The e-commerce marketplace is a website where products are provided by any third parties while transactions are processed by the market itself. The transaction is processed by the market and the order is then executed by the selected retailer or drop shipper. Since e-commerce markets products from a number of different sellers, there is usually more variety and availability in terms of products, compared to online retailers.


Customers buy more online entertainment than anything else. Gen. Z and Millennials have told us that experience purchases are becoming increasingly more convenient. According to Statista statistics, books, movies, and games are the product category that favor online purchasing preference. This is another reason why we see brands like Spotify, Netflix, and Disney + are increasingly popular with consumers. Windows takes the lead on most applications. Understanding the technology your customers use to place orders on your website is crucial. Windows continues to take the lead as the technology that customers use the most to place orders online. When creating a UX or store design, consider how this Windows experience and style look like.

Another growing use of mobile commerce is automated checkout like Paypal, Amazon Pay or Apple Pay. Many online shopping websites have made it very easy to order merchandise online. With features like Apple Pay, iPhone users need to enter their credit card information only once. From there, the card number and address can be saved to their phone and stored for later use. If a website offers Apple Pay, all the user needs is to click OK and complete the payment process. 

Without the difficulty of entering information and lengthy payments, online shopping is very easy. Users can see a great Instagram product, click on the link, and check out an automated payment process in less than five minutes. By offering these features, companies remove obstacles and make shopping easy Buy & Sell in Ghana.


"Ultimately, the decision as to whether to purchase non-essentials online rests with us (unless of course further government restrictions are introduced, thereby removing the element of “choice” from the equation completely). Therefore, we must weigh the arguments for and against, and reach our conclusion. Those in favor of retailers continuing to sell non-essential items online put forward several pros, including that it provides some mitigation against the devastating financial consequences of being forced to close bricks and mortar stores, particularly for small businesses with limited financial reserves. It is helping to secure existing jobs and, in some cases, create new ones. It also provides some measure of succour for customers during a time that many are finding challenging both physically and mentally" This quote credit by and article link is

According to a recent study, in March 2020, 42 per cent of the US population purchased groceries online at least once a week (GeekWire, 2020). This represents a marked increase from 22% just two years ago. Daily online grocery sales have more than doubled. But this is not just a temporary payment. It also causes a mental shift. More than half of online grocery shoppers say they are now more likely to continue shopping online even after an epidemic.

Experts say this is a "turning point" for the online grocery shopping trend, and Amazon is likely to be the biggest beneficiary. Amazon was the most popular platform for these shoppers, with six out of ten doing online shopping with the e-commerce giant. In fact, the demand has increased so dramatically that grocery orders on Amazon have increased by up to 50 times.